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Do you the good news about Asthma?


It is a manageable condition. If caught early and treated properly, people with asthma can live a full and uninhibited life unhindered by its symptoms.

Asthma is among the top 15 reasons people reach out to the hospital emergency departments. It costs our health system more than $1 billion annually. With one in every five Bangladeshi impacted by asthma, Asthma Life’s work is critical to the health of our nation’s population.

Asthma is not a one-size-fits-all condition. Everyone is different, and thus, needs unique medical attention. That means having a thorough understanding of asthma: A person may not show symptoms of asthma but would still need its treatment.

If you’re a person suffering from asthma – we’re here.

If you’re a caretaker of someone with asthma – we’re here.

If you just want to learn about triggers of asthma, its prevention, or puffers – we’re here.

We wish, we didn’t have to exist. We wish Bangladesh was free from Asthma forever. It may seem like a distant dream, but with your help, it might come true. Your generosity is central to our mission of making Bangladesh asthma-free. We are completely reliant on your donations to educate the community about asthma and help the underprivileged and needy with the right medical care.

At Asthma Life, we represent the 9 million Bangladeshis with asthma, so why not be part of the movement?

Donate now and become an Asthma Champion forever.

Help someone breathe.

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