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  • Without food, you can live for about 4 weeks.
  • Without water, you can survive up to 4 days.
  • But, without air, you can’t last even for 4 minutes!

Asthma is a lifelong condition of the airways. It makes one difficult to perform the most fundamental act to stay alive – Breathing.

In Bangladesh, asthma is a substantial public health problem: About one in five people in Bangladesh suffer from asthma-related symptoms, one of the highest rates in the world.
Although Bangladesh is making progress in the prevention and treatment of asthma, the unprecedented weather conditions make it difficult to serve the entire population with quality medical care. Regular exposure to wood smoke, dampness in coastal houses and lack of educational & financial resources leave a lot to be done. This is where for-purpose organisations like Asthma Life come into the picture.

At asthmalife.org, we raise funds online to support the treatment of underprivileged asthma patients, especially seniors and children. Unable to afford the life-saving bills, these patients get a chance to live an asthma-free life with the help of our generous donors, whom we fondly call “Asthma Champions”.

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According to WHO, asthma claims over 11,800 lives each year in Bangladesh. It affects people of all ages, from childhood to adulthood, but mostly children.
Studies have found that children with pneumonia attacks during infancy are significantly at a higher risk of contracting asthma. Therefore, our trained field workers go door to door in rural Bangladesh to interview communities and make them aware of the symptoms of wheezing, asthma and their correlation to pneumonia along with the preventive measures.

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Most people don’t even know what asthma symptoms look like. They spend their entire lives struggling with it, wheezing continuously and eventually, die from it.
Because of their delicate breathing situation, elderly people are not able to perform any heavy-duty work and are thus, considered a burden on their low-income family. They are often discarded by their families left to the mercy of fate.
Our team identifies the cases most in need of medical care and starts a fundraiser for them at asthmalife.org. Generous donations from people like you help us give them the medical attention they need along with suitable jobs to keep them afloat.

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We believe the best way to improve the lives of people with the lifelong condition of asthma is through education and training. So that’s what we do. With the excessive funds, we train volunteers and collaborate with local governments to build awareness around asthma and make medical support accessible to everyone.
We urge you to join us in our mission as an Asthma Champion and contribute generously to make a difference. Help someone breathe.

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I’m very, very happy to hear about the work done by Asthma Life. It is such a noble cause. I have donated and wish you all the best in your endeavour. May you never fall short of donors and contributions.

Carl White

I am so pleased to learn about your work. The team of Asthma Life is so dedicated to helping poor people with asthma, especially kids and seniors. I look forward to seeing the updates on the patients I donated my pocket money for.

Judy Weekley

You guys are doing a wonderful job. My contribution is little, but I pray to God that you achieve your goal as soon as possible. Please support them with funds, people.

Dr. Carol Hall

I’m very, very happy to hear about the work done by Asthma Life. It is such a noble cause. I have donated and wish you all the best in your endeavour. May you never fall short of donors and contributions.

Carl White

I volunteered with Asthma Life last year. Honestly, it was an eye-opener! There is almost no awareness around Asthma in Bangladesh, especially rural areas, and I’m glad that this organisation took the initiative of changing that. I urge people to join their mission.

William Fritz


Are the patients verified? Is it genuine?

All fundraisers at asthmalife.org enter an agreement with the listed beneficiary and the government. There is a rigorous verification process before kickstarting the campaign which involves legal identity proofs, medical documents, etc. All our fundraisers protect the donor’s and the patient’s interest.

Where can I find information about the patient?

You can connect with our team to get information about the patient. We will share the verified medical details of the patient and the medical documents that mention the funds needed for treatment.

How can I contact the patient?

Due to security and privacy concerns, we do not share the personal contact information of the patient with the donors. However, you can contact us anytime to get in touch with the patient or their family.

I wish to donate to the patient’s bank details only. How can I do that?

Most of our donors are from underprivileged sections who lack the basic education and therefore, do not have bank accounts. Thus, a directed donation to the patient’s bank account is not possible and all donations are made to asthmalife.org.

What are the modes of payment to donate?

To make the donation simple and seamless, you can use any of the following payment methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, and Direct transfer to our bank account. For donations outside Bangladesh, you can also donate via PayPal.

What is the minimum donation amount?

You can contribute as small as USD 5.

Is the payment process secure?

All transactions are secured via 128-bit encryption including your personal details like name, number, email address and contact address. Asthma Life follows a stringent procedure to ensure complete security of your personal and transactional data. We assure you that your information and donation is completely safe and reaches the patient directly.

How to get updates about the patient?

We are constantly updating our campaign website with information about the patient’s treatment and health. You can also connect with our team anytime to get the latest update on any campaign you’ve funded in the past.


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Asthma Life a for-purpose organisation established with the aim of increasing awareness around asthma and improving the lives of people with asthma. We operate across Bangladesh. Since last year, we’ve been working with volunteers, health professionals and government to deliver the best treatment support.
At asthmalife.org, we raise funds online to support the treatment of underprivileged asthma patients especially seniors and children. Most of them cannot afford the life-saving bills, but our online fundraising campaigns make it possible for them to live a life free from asthma. Till date, Asthma Life has helped 2,000+ patients with. Thanks to over 5000 generous donors, whom we fondly call Asthma Champions, who contributed more than $10,000 towards this cause.
We also focus on education and awareness to empower communities with the knowledge around asthma, its treatment and prevention. Our aim is not just to help people be in control of their asthma, but also live an empowered life with goals and plans to achieve them.


We follow a stringent procedure to verify the genuineness of every patient and campaign to ensure a reliable fundraising experience.


We encrypt the donor data and have a secured payment process to avoid any misuse of data.


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Step 1: Patient seeks care

Either we find people in need of care or patient connects with one of our medical partners.

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Step 2: Patient’s care details are submitted

We verify the patient’s condition with the help of our medical partner. The approved profiles are uploaded on asthmalife.org for fundraising.

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Step 3: Donors fund Patient’s care

Generous people come forward to support the patient’s care. Collected funds are forwarded directly to the medical partner handling the patient’s care.

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Step 4: Donors notified on the status

Post-treatment, our medical partner and the patient’s family update us on the patient. We notify the health status on our website.

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